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About us

CPS Attorneys – is a qualified and energetic team of attorneys-at-law and lawyers, which are experts in various branches of law. Our specialists have years of experience in law enforcement agencies, courts and private companies.


A distinctive feature of our team is the ability to deal with both standard and non-standard legal tasks, and provide our Clients with first-class service.


Extensive experience and deep understanding of national and international law allow us to protect the interests of our Clients effectively and in the shortest terms.


CPS Attorneys – are those, whom you can trust.


CPS Attorneys specialists defended the interests of the foreign shipowner in a dispute with a foreign agency company in the appeal instance

The Client, a foreign shipowner, referred to CPS Attorneys due to necessity to protect his interests in a dispute with the foreign agency company regarding claiming the cost for the rendered agency services.   On November 27, 2017, CPS Attorneys...


CPS Attorneys lawyers together with the Romanian colleagues won the trial in Romania due to failure to pay for delivery of the goods

The Client, a foreign company, referred to CPS Attorneys due to necessity to protect his interests in the case of recovery of payment for delivery of the wooden products from Ukraine to Italy.   According to the instructions of the...



New procedure of shiparrest in Ukraine

On December 15, 2017, changes to the Commercial and Civil Procedural Codes of Ukraine, which significantly changed the procedure of imposing and cancelling shiparrest in Ukraine, came into effect. In general, the adopted changes made the procedure of imposing and...


Attempts of freight ferries to avoid payment of port dues on ferry service Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk) – Poti / Batumi

In 2016, in the article entitled “Sailors-truckers, or if you can not, but really want, then you can” (Ukrainian sailor, No. 16 dated 27.04.2016, https://moryakukrainy.livejournal.com/3061022.html) we paid attention to the issues of specific way of operation of the Bulgarian ferries...