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CPS Attorneys ® – is a qualified and energetic team of attorneys-at-law and lawyers, who are experts in various branches of law. Our specialists have years of experience in law enforcement agencies, courts, and private companies.

A distinctive feature of our team is the ability to deal with both standard and non-standard legal tasks, and provide our Clients with the first-class service.

Extensive experience and deep understanding of national and international law allow us to protect the interests of our Clients effectively and in the shortest terms.

CPS Attorneys ® – are those, whom you can trust.


CPS Attorneys consulted the Client on trade financing issues

The Client, a trading company, referred to CPS Attorneys for advice on the issue of trade financing of the purchase and sale agreement of agricultural products.   Specialists of CPS Attorneys promptly provided the Client with the necessary consultation and...


CPS Attorneys team prepared BARECON 2001 form charter for the Client

The Client, the bareboat charterer, referred to CPS Attorneys due to necessity to prepare a charter on the BARECON 2001 form.   The Client and the shipowner decided to make an essential number of additions to the charter by agreeing...



Attempts of freight ferries to avoid payment of port dues on ferry service Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk) – Poti / Batumi

In 2016, in the article entitled “Sailors-truckers, or if you can not, but really want, then you can” (Ukrainian sailor, No. 16 dated 27.04.2016, we paid attention to the issues of specific way of operation of the Bulgarian ferries...


Grounds for refusing to provide information at the request of the fiscal body

If the text of the request of the fiscal body on information proving does not contain the grounds for such request according Cl. 73.3 Art. 73 of the Tax Code of Ukraine, then there are grounds for refusing to provide...