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About us

CPS Attorneys – is a qualified and energetic team of attorneys-at-law and lawyers, which are experts in various branches of law. Our specialists have years of experience in law enforcement agencies, courts and private companies.


A distinctive feature of our team is the ability to deal with both standard and non-standard legal tasks, and provide our Clients with first-class service.


Extensive experience and deep understanding of national and international law allow us to protect the interests of our Clients effectively and in the shortest terms.


CPS Attorneys – are those, whom you can trust.


CPS Attorneys specialists released the vessel, arrested on the debts of the previous shipowner

The Client, a foreign shipowner company, acquired the title of a seagoing vessel, located in the Ukrainian seaport. A few days after the purchase, the vessel was arrested by the decision of the Ukrainian commercial court on the basis of...


Specialists of CPS Attorneys defended the interests of the forwarding company in a dispute with a seaport

The Client, the forwarding company, referred to CPS Attorneys due to protection of his interests in a commercial dispute with the Ukrainian seaport about recovering debts for the port’s storage and transshipment services.   The port demanded payment for the...



Grounds for refusing to provide information at the request of the fiscal body

If the text of the request of the fiscal body on information proving does not contain the grounds for such request according Cl. 73.3 Art. 73 of the Tax Code of Ukraine, then there are grounds for refusing to provide...


Legal innovation from State Fiscal Service investigators during recognition of property as a material evidence

While declaring the necessity to establish a Financial Investigative Service, the headquarters of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine refused from attempts to correct a so-called “technical error” and to cancel “du jure” liquidation of tax police, which was made...