Transport and logistics

At each stage of the carriage of goods by means of any type of transport the participants of the transport process may encounter such risks as untimely delivery, loss, shortage, damage, cargo retention, idle of transport, demurrage, lack of supporting documents, delay in customs clearance, arrest or seizure of goods by the state authorities.


Our team is ready to provide legal assistance in resolving these situations and provide the following services:

  • development of draft contracts for transportation, forwarding, transshipment and storage;
  • negotiation and settlement of claims for demurrage, detention, storage;
  • preparation of claims and protection of interests in case of loss, shortage and damage to cargo;
  • protection of interests in disputes on the bill of lading, CMR and FCR;
  • initiation and removal of arrest of cargo, legal assistance in retention of cargo;
  • appeal on decisions, actions and inaction of customs and other regulatory authorities in transport;
  • debt collection for the services of carrier, forwarder, customs broker, surveyor and other persons;
  • protection of interests in the courts and arbitrations.


You may get the necessary services by contacting us by phone, sending a request by e-mail or by visiting our office in Odessa.