Land and real estate

Do you want to make a deal with real estate or land?

Our experts are ready to provide you the following services:

  • full legal research on the subject of the transaction, counterparty and title documents (“due diligence”);
  • preparation of the drafts sale and purchase contracts;
  • escrow agency;
  • support of transaction processing at the notary.


Do you prefer to purchase an object from the real estate developer at the construction stage?

We will provide you with the following assistance:

  • risk assessment when choosing a developer and an object;
  • legal expertise and arrangement of the contracts with the developer;
  • representation and protection of interests in negotiations with the developer;
  • support of the state registration of property rights;
  • protection in disputes with the developer.


Are you planning to carry out construction work?

The specialists of our company will provide you with the following services:

  • support of registration of permits for the beginning and completion of construction work;
  • support of commissioning of construction projects and their state registration;
  • assistance in the legalization, commissioning and registration of rights for unauthorized buildings and plants, including extensions and superstructures, redevelopment and reconstruction of commissioned facilities.


Our team is also ready to assist you with:

  • valuation of land and real estate;
  • partition of the land plot, property between the owners;
  • registration of real estate mortgage, pledge;
  • imposition and removal of real estate seizure/arrest;
  • privatization of real estate;
  • exercise of the right for free privatization of a land plot provided for by law;
  • resolution of land disputes;
  • coordination of the project of land allotment and obtaining the necessary schemes;
  • conclusion of a land lease agreement,
  • obtaining a cadastral number for a land plot,
  • withdrawal of land from the illegal possession, usage.


You can get the necessary services by contacting us by phone, sending a request by e-mail or by visiting our office in Odessa.