Banks and mortgages

Specialists of CPS Attorneys are ready to provide professional legal assistance to consumers of financial services and participants in payment and credit relations, namely:

  • to provide legal advice on banking services, financing and mortgages matters;
  • to analyze credit and mortgage agreements, surety and pledge agreements, as well as other financial documents;
  • to prepare the necessary filings, applications, to represent Client’s interests in the bank or other credit institution;
  • to appeal against actions or omissions of financial institutions to regulatory authorities;
  • to protect Client’s interests in the court;
  • to protect Client’s interests at the stage of execution of court decisions;
  • to protect Client from illegal actions of collectors;
  • to accompany the bankruptcy procedure of a physical person;
  • to provide support for debt restructuring;
  • to provide legal assistance at the stage of compulsory sale of collateral.


You may get the necessary services by contacting us by phone, sending a request by e-mail or by visiting our office in Odessa.