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CPS Attorneys lawyers together with the Romanian colleagues won the trial in Romania due to failure to pay for delivery of the goods

The Client, a foreign company, referred to CPS Attorneys due to necessity to protect his interests in the case of recovery of payment for delivery of the wooden products from Ukraine to Italy.


According to the instructions of the customer, the Romanian company, during 2017 the Client carried out the delivery of the wooden products from Ukraine to Italy. Upon finishing delivery of the agreed amount of the products the Romanian company failed to fulfill its obligations and did not pay the full price for the delivered products.


CPS Attorneys lawyers prepared evidential base, carried out a claim work, but due to refusal of the debtor to settle the dispute amicably initiated the trial involving the Romanian partners. The claim against the debtor was considered at the place his registration in the court of Oradea (Romania).


After examining all the provided evidences, the court of Oradea satisfied the Client’s claim in total, obliged the debtor to recover the full amount of the debt, as well as the court fees and the cost of the lawyers’ services.


The interests of the Client in Ukraine were represented by attorneys-at-law Sergey Sushko and Sergey Kalitenko.